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world mental health day 2023

Hi everyone and Happy World Mental Health Day!

We draw attention to this event every year as our wellbeing and daily mental health is so important to our lives, our work, our relationships and even our physical health.

World mental health day 2023 graphic from Mental Health Foundation

2023's theme

This year’s theme is that mental health is a human right – meaning that no matter what walks of life we come from, whoever we are and whatever we do, having good mental health should be a fundamental basis of day-to day existence.

This doesn’t mean that we will always be really happy and laughing, it means that we experience the highs and lows of life, that we can embrace these highs, but also manage the lows and generally cope well and draw on a good level of resilience where it is needed.

The right to good mental health also means that:

  • We should be protected from mental health risks

  • Appropriate and quality services are available to all of us

  • We should aim to obtain the best mental health that we possibly can

  • We have the right to be included in society whilst maintaining our individuality and independence, despite any mental health problems, conditions or diagnosis that we have.

In the past, people have reported feeling discriminated against due to a mental health condition. How we change this? Well, we can spread the message that mental health is a human right. And believe it for ourselves, too.

Take care,

Sally (Wellbeing and Pastoral Lead)


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