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wellbeing with sally; mental health awareness week 2024

Hi all, it’s that time of the year when we think about and take action on issues around our mental health.

This year, the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week is movement. Movement is so important for our wellbeing; our physical health does directly affect our mental health and therefore we should do what we can to feel good in an all-round manner.

mental health awareness week infographic saying let's move more for our mental health

So, when we say movement, don’t get worried, we’re not saying that we should all be running 5k!! Simply just that we should move around in our lives and be active… or more active.

Sometimes life makes it hard for us to move around as much as we would like to. Often our home or work situation means that it is not possible to move around when and how we want.

But if we can do bits and pieces which means that we move around a bit more, and we can make it a nice and fun experience, then there’s everything to gain and nothing to lose!


Here are some suggestions for getting more movement in your day-to-day:


  • Summer is here so let’s go on that nice walk. It's easy to spend break times on our phones but just a ten-minute stroll can ease stress. Beaches are lovely, parks are so pretty, the fresh air and sunshine can also make us feel good!

  • Play that music! Put on your favourite track and dance like no one is watching! Dancing is great movement for us, and music to accompany it can help lift our moods!

A group of people in a dance class

  • If you like pilates or yoga, find a YouTube clip and do what you can in the lounge or appropriate space. A 20-minute session will do wonders for both physical and mental health.

  • Do your favourite exercise! Whether it is swimming, running, Zumba, a spinning class or Clubercise, get on it and go smash that routine! You’ll feel so good after!

  • Play some active gaming sports. Things like Nintendo bowling, golf or dancing – Just Dance can be so much fun, you forget it’s exercise!

Do your activities with others if you prefer. Whatever you do, enjoy it!


Take care,



What's your favourite way of getting moving?

  • Walking

  • Going to the gym

  • Gardening or another active hobby

  • A long run or cycle ride


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