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Happy Children

want to make a difference with your career?
be a foster carer

Fostering is a rewarding and secure career option. Alongside the rewards of making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and young people you will receive competitive rates of pay. The number of children needing foster placements is on the rise with hundreds of placements needed nationally each day. 

why foster with asphaleia?

asphaleia fostering is a registered agency, rated Good by Ofsted. Our carers benefit from being part of a wider organisation that delivers holistic services for children and young people, including; employability further education for 16-24 year-olds, CSE intervention, and mental health support.


As an asphaleia carer, you can benefit from these services if your foster child needs any of them but also there is a wealth of knowledge, experience, support and organisation-wide training that you can participate in.

As well as the wider support received from the organisation as a whole, asphaleia carers benefit from being part of a smaller agency. You will feel part of a committed team and will experience the benefit of being well known by the staff and manager. 

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We love fostering with asphaleia.  Not only do we get a huge sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from seeing the difference we are making in a young person's life but we have also received the very best support, advice and training at every step of our fostering journey. I have never regretted my decision to start fostering. Our own children have benefitted and still enjoy the experience and our young person is seen by everyone as being part of our family.

Father and Son
Teacher and Student

can I foster?

what is required of you:

  • The law states you must be 21 years or over, with asphaleia requesting that all applicants have life experience.

  • You need a spare room.

  • You must be a full-time UK resident.

  • You must be certified as fit and healthy by your GP through a funded medical assessment.

  • You need an enhanced DBS check.

  • You must be willing to complete a seven-part course called skills to foster (normally delivered across two days).

  • You need to complete a framework, assessing your skills and knowledge with a qualified social worker to assist. This can take anywhere between 8-10 visits.

  • You need to demonstrate that you can provide a safe and happy home for a child or young person.


We are confident that our supportive approach will enable you to manage the process and explore your suitability with us.

asphaleia fostering offers a competitive and comprehensive support package to make the process of becoming a foster carer straightforward and enjoyable.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please give us a call for a no-obligation chat. 


1. How is an agency different from a local authority?

An agency is separate from the local authority in which the agency is based and so an independent fostering agency is able to accept placements from multiple local authorities. Agencies get a wider range of children from multiple locations. 

It’s also a smaller environment to work in and therefore more personal. We are able to build up a strong relationship with our foster carers.  

2. What is the difference between fostering and adoption?

Fostering means that the children placed with you will always be the legal responsibility of the local authority who make decisions perhaps along with the birth parents. Adoption means that the child becomes part of your family and you take legal responsibility and make all parental decisions for them.


3. How long does the assessment process take?

When people decide to become a foster carer, we visit them in their home and if this is satisfactory from both sides, then we would send an application form. When the application is received, then we can match them with an assessor. From start to finish, we aim to complete an assessment between 4-6 months. Obviously, this is dependent on the commitment of the applicants. 

4. How much do I get paid to foster?

Payment amounts vary depending on the placement but you could earn approx. £35,000 per year as a foster carer. Payments are made on a fortnightly basis. Feel free to speak to our fostering manager to find out more. 

5. How will you support me?

asphaleia supports foster carers dependent on their needs. The minimum we would visit would be for monthly supervision but this would often be much more regular for new carers. There is always someone on the end of a phone, 24/7. Here at asphaleia we are unique as we have a pool of professionals that we can pull in if we feel the carers need additional support, whether that be emotional support, or information about education. 


6. My children live at home. How will they be affected by fostering?

Any children living at home would be part of the assessment process. They would complete the ‘my family foster’ book from Coram BAAF, which would help a child understand what fostering is. And their views would be collected. Children are seen by the agency at least quarterly to ensure that they’re ok about fostering. Children over 18 are offered to do some of the same training as their parents to keep them up to date. 


7. I have a pet, is this okay?

At asphaleia we would complete a pet assessment and be led by legislation on what would be a safe pet. 

8. Can I do additional paid work?

Yes, of course you can work when you choose to foster, but you must always have a child-first focus. At the very beginning of your assessment this would be discussed and part of the assessment journey. 

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Happy Kids

i'm interested, what now?


We understand that making and seeing through the decision to become a foster carer can be daunting. 

We know it can be nice to talk about your personal situation, perhaps you only want to do respite, or have specific requirements related to your religious observance, maybe you'd like to keep your current job. These are all possible. 


Please call us on 01903 522966 for an informal, no-obligation chat with our fostering manager, Kim, who can discuss your situation with you and answer any questions you have. Alternatively, you can complete the form below for a call back.
We will only use your details to call you and will not pass them on to any third party nor use them for other marketing purposes. 
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