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introducing asphaleia's voice & participation youth worker

asphaleia has recently appointed a Voice & Participation Youth Worker, called Chloe. Her role will enable us to further provide opportunities for young people to participate in our service delivery and have their voices heard.

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Here's an interview with Chloe where we find out more about her role.

What is the purpose of your role?

As Voice and Participation Youth Worker, I am here to make sure that the voices of asphaleia's young people are heard. I work directly with young people with the goal of giving them opportunities to produce, contribute and participate in projects that they are interested in.

What I hope to do for all service users is to listen to what they have to say and help them get involved in the decisions that affect them. I also always strive to be a continuous, dependable person for the young people who use asphaleia services. I hope to be a person they feel comfortable chatting to or having a bit of a laugh with. 

What does a typical day look like?

My typical day is, honestly, never the same! Because I am involved in many aspects of the asphaleia group, every day is a little bit different. Most of my time is spent at the training centre or in some of the supported accommodation homes where you can find me running workshops, doing upcoming project admin, playing games at lunch time or just having a chat with some of the young people. That's my favourite part about my role - connecting with our services users and making sure that they feel comfortable and confident at asphaleia. 

Have you always wanted to work with young people?

In short, no - not always. I didn't realise that I wanted to work with young people until about 6 or 7 years ago. Before that I wanted to be a writer! I envisioned myself, at first, being a journalist, then being an author and then I wasn't too sure. I started volunteering at an afterschool club for kids, which led me to do a teaching program, and eventually to do a Master's degree in Childhood and Youth Studies. 

What are you enjoying most about the role so far?

It's been really great getting to know asphaleia's young people over the last couple of months! There are so many fantastically different young people that I interact with and I'm really grateful to have the opportunity to work with and alongside them. 

What are you looking forward to doing more of?

I am looking forward to getting stuff done! We have a couple big projects in the works that I will be collaborating and coproducing with young people and I am very excited to get some of asphaleia's young people involved. 


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