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wellbeing with sally: how to stay calm

Hello all you fab people….hope you are well and happy!

Recently, we have been looking at the importance of keeping calm when we feel it is needed. Having calm moments throughout our day is important for our wellbeing and enables us to keep a good balance.

Life can be busy, hectic and often full of anxiety. Therefore, this can give us a little time to relax and take the chill out time that we need to stay level-headed. Relaxation time is helpful for us in so many ways. It helps us function throughout the day, recharge when we need to and wind-down when necessary.

So… to try and encourage young people to think about relaxing and what helps them, we asked…..What helps you to keep calm? We placed this question in our suggestion box that lives in one of our properties.

Young people filled it up with their pastimes, favourite places, moments and hobbies that help them with calmness. Please have a read of some of the things that we were told by young people. Have a think about the things that help you stay calm and try and make some time for it. Feel free to take one of the ideas below and see how it works for you!

A graphic that lists suggestions from young people about how they stay calm including the beach and waves reading a good book chilling with a box set playing with my fidget toy chatting with friends going for a walk doing a puzzle/quiz

Enjoy and all the best,


(Health and Wellness Lead)


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