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young person's week; feedback at house meetings

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

During the week commencing 22nd February, asphaleia held it's annual young people's week where we shine a spotlight on our young people and their achievements.

In our care services, staff dedicated the house meeting during YP week to discussing how young people can make their voices heard at asphaleia.

They were reminded of our YP pledge, which presents our commitment to young people regarding the following areas:

1. your differences

2. your health

3. your safety

4. your education

5. your voice

6. your future

This year we focused on your voice and invited young people in house meetings to give their feedback and talk about their experiences in our service.

Young people were also introduced to Jamboards that have been set up for each service. These are collaborative 'whiteboards' that our service users can comment on.

During this house meeting, staff explained the concept to the young people and gave them different examples of how it can be used such as, if they want to ask questions of other staff or other YP, if they wish to inform others of something, e.g. a good book to read or that there is a sale on for Adidas trainers at a particular shop.

Or if they want to voice a concern or a worry to people, other than the staff they already work with, or the friends they already know.


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