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wellbeing with sally; mindful march

Hi everyone,

I would like to focus on mindfulness in this month’s blog and look at the reasons why taking time out to look after ourselves is so important for our wellbeing. If we are looking after our wellbeing and taking the necessary timeout that we need, we are happier individuals.

so what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being present in the here and now and being aware of where we are and the actions we are doing. The key to mindfulness is to not be to be affected about what is going on around us.

Mindfulness can look different to different people in different ways. It could be a meditation session, full of visualisation and relaxation or it could be smaller things, things like simply taking a deep breath before answering the front door or phone.

why practice mindfulness?

There is much evidence to support how different parts of our brain can be activated and even ‘lit up’ when in a state of mindfulness. This in turn can help us feel less stressed and anxious, more able to cope with the daily tasks of life and can even help enhance our performance.


· Start with putting aside some time – you don’t need any particular objects, just time!

· Be in/observe the moment – pay attention to the moment.

· Let thoughts and judgments pass by – don’t worry about them coming in and out, accept them and be kind to how your mind is wandering during these moments.

what ideas are there for practicing mindfulness?

Mindfulness could come in the form of being seated or up and walking, or even laying down (but this could result in falling asleep!)

Short pauses – Just taking some deep breaths and pausing what we are doing, taking some minutes/seconds out of our daily life.

Meditation activities such as yoga or other relaxing sports such as fishing or golf.

So… whatever/however you feel would be your best way of being at one with the world and engaging in mindfulness, give it a go and see for yourself the benefits and rewards!


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