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how do we teach functional skills maths in On Track 2 Work?

Ontrack 2 Work is our functional skills programme for young people aged 16-18 who are living in West Sussex. It provides students with maths and English qualifications that are GCSE equivalent.

We also deliver Ontrack ESOL where students who are learning English as a second language can also gain maths qualifications.

A pen sitting on top of a piece of paper with math equations on

Our current cohort of students are divided into two groups where there are mixed levels and abilities. This ensures that entry level students can be inspired to make progress in their learning by the more advanced students and they can all improve their communication skills as they participate in group exercises.

Students can join our programmes at any time during the year and so we have students working on different topics whilst learning together in the same class.

the functional skills maths curriculum

All students at all levels work through the same scheme of work, starting with numbers and the number system and then progressing onto measures, shape and space, and then handling information and data, as per the NCFE curriculum.

In lessons, the main topic is taught in a group and then individual practice takes place in small groups or occasionally one-to-one, according to the levels and the specific activity they are working on.

developing employability skills

Employability skills are brought into the maths curriculum through referencing the workplace and expectations in relation to the way students approach their work and the completion of tasks.

Also, students are encouraged to present their work to each other. They often find this a challenge but are encouraged that it is an opportunity to practice speaking fluently and confidently in preparation for the workplace.

A young man serving at the till in a coffee shop

Students are able to engage in real-life applications of maths with some of the tasks in the functional skills curriculum, enabling them to increase their understanding and appreciation of maths.

If you or a young person you know would like to get a maths qualification at asphaleia, please contact us today.


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