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helpful resources for new foster carers

At asphaleia fostering, we are happy to have welcomed a new fostering family into the fold in recent months. They have also begun their first placement and got off to a great start.

Over the past year many of us have, perhaps for the first time, experienced what it is like working from home. Foster carers do this 24/7 and it can be daunting at the start. In this post we have compiled some useful resources for new carers so you have some guidance at your fingertips.

Whether you need to look at internet safety with your cyp, or you need advice on fostering during the COVId-19 pandemic, there are a few options here covering a lot of topics, as well as some useful organisations you can follow for inspiring stories on their blog or news about any training and events they are running.

Always remember your supervising social worker is there for you, but it doesn't hurt to enhance your knowledge where you can and make the most of a goldmine of resources.

We can't have a resources list without mentioning The Fostering Network. Their mission is: to support those who foster, improve opportunities for fostered children and young people and provide expert guidance to all fostering services.

At asphaleia fostering, we provide membership for our carers. Membership gains you access to insurance, discounts on various things including days out and craft activities. Plus all the support, helplines and resources they have available to members only. There are plenty of free resources too so check out their website.

An organisation that support professionals and agencies who are working with children and young people. With the membership that comes with being an asphaleia carer, you can access their Adoption and Fostering journal, as well as free books, guides, and Advice and Practice notes.

The Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers is a non-profit company that enables voices in the sector to be represented and resources and best practice to be shared amongst agencies. asphaleia fostering carers also become members when they are approved.

Safer Internet's website page for parents and carers provides lots of good content for helping keep your cyp safe online.

fosterline have compiled a comprehensive page of information and FAQ's for carers relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

government advice for foster parents

Detailing things such as tax arrangments, making decisions for your cyp, and claiming benefits.

The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families has developed and delivered pioneering mental health care for over 60 years and they have lots of helpful videos about supporting children and young people with their mental health. The video below is one specifically about childhood trauma.

asphaleia fostering is a fostering agency that forms part of asphaleia and therefore our fostering carers and their placements benefit from the knowledge and holistic services we deliver across the organisation. Check out our wellbeing with Sally posts for a monthly dose of wellbeing tips, as well as posts from our SAFE team on healthy relationships and internet safety.

If you're interested in becoming a foster carer with our Worthing-based agency, please visit our 'be a carer' page, which will provide you with some more information, or call us now on 01903 522966 and ask to speak to our fostering manager.


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