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have you considered fostering in 2024?

The need for foster carers has never been greater with many children going into care each month. Perhaps you've considered fostering but still have lots of questions. This post is a good starting place for you.

Here are some answers to some common questions about fostering. These are often things that put people off applying when actually they aren't obstacles in the first place. At asphaleia, we provide foster care placements for children and young people in West Sussex. Read the following to find out more about fostering and what's involved.

do we need a large spare bedroom?

No, the room does not need to be excessively big. Your spare bedroom, of any size, could become a room to facilitate learning, playing and a safe space for a child to grow.

can I foster if I have pets?

Yes. asphaleia will complete an assessment on your pet which will consider its temperament and behaviour. Sometimes a pet is an asset when fostering as it can encourage engagement with a child.

family with dog

can I foster if English is not my first language?

Yes. Many children placed with asphaleia over the years have also not had English as a first language. We have been able to match carers and children with the same first language which is a great benefit to the child.

can I foster if I have a long term health concern?

All carers are required to complete a medical assessment. Any conditions or concerns will be highlighted in this assessment and will be taken into account and explored with your assessor.

do I need qualifications to become a foster carer?

No. You will need to attend a 3 day skills to foster training course as part of your assessment. This course is designed to develop new skills and build upon existing skills to prepare you to be a foster carer. In your first year of becoming a foster carer you will complete a Training Support and development Standards for Foster Care course.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get them answered; pick up the phone and speak with Kim now on 01903 522966.


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