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wellbeing with Sally: managing anxiety

I thought this month I would touch upon anxiety as it currently seems to be one of the most common problems. During this period of lockdown, there has been no exception with regards to people experiencing anxiety, some reporting much higher levels than they would normally.

Anxiety can be one of those things that can hit us at any age. Some people seem to be able to deal with anxiety quite effectively and can go about their daily lives while others struggle to leave home.

young women looking stressed

As a mental health worker, I would like to share some tips/ideas that may help if you experience anxiety:

  • Breathe – deep breaths in and out (concentrating on the out breath) this can help relax the body. Even just a few deep breaths helps to decrease your heart rate a little and reduces high blood pressure.

  • Shift the focus – at times of experiencing high levels of anxiety, do something different. Go for a brisk walk round the block, ring a friend and talk about fun stuff, or play a short quiz/game on your phone.

  • Talk to someone – share your feelings and thoughts with someone – speak to a mental health worker or a counsellor if you can, sharing experiences with peers can also be useful.

  • Try to eat and sleep well - empty stomachs and sleepless nights take their toll and can make anxiety feel worse.

  • Remind yourself that the intensity of the anxiety will pass - you will be okay.

  • Surround yourself with comforting things – your pet, a soft cushion, your favourite smell, a photo/picture that brings back nice memories etc...

I hope you find some of this useful – or maybe there is someone you know who is struggling with anxiety who may benefit.

be kind to yourself your energy isn't limitless

This week is #mentalhealthawarenessweek and so over on Instagram there will be some top tips from me each day on managing anxiety. As well as some other content about the theme of #kindnessmatters. Follow us to be involved and share your stories of kindness with us. @asphaleiainsta.

I hope you stay safe and well,


This content is general information only, not advice. If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health issue, please contact a mental health professional or contact the Samaritans.

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