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youth voice and participation workers soon to join the asphaleia team

We are excited to have two new staff members joining asphaleia in the next month or so. And they will both be undertaking a new role; Youth Voice and Participation Worker.

The aim for this role is to develop and deliver an ambitious participation strategy for asphaleia, supporting our children & young people, linking with the community, and helping embed participation across all asphaleia services.

Their role will involve; delivering participation activities with young people, coordinating activities that aim to promote young people's voice and raise awareness of 'voice of the child', and researching opportunities to work in partnership with external organisations to promote youth participation in the community.

They will also work with our communications team to promote communications with young people internally, as well as sharing relevant information with yp through various means.

Organising an activities programme, which includes work experience and work taster opportunities and environmental awareness will be on their to-do lists too.

The key part to their jobs will be applying a young person-centred approach in all participation activities, ensuring inclusivity and that approaches and actions are adapted according to need.

YP interview candidates

We often have YP involved in the recruitment process for delivery staff but it was essential to have their help with recruiting this particular role. So three YP planned and lead one of the interview stages and did a great job.

They took time to consider the best and most important questions to ask, including:

- Why do you want this job?

- Why will you be good at supporting me?

- How will you make sure my voice is heard?

- How will you address issues that are important to me, like diversity?

They felt it had been a great opportunity for them to be part of this process

After each candidate was interviewed there was reflection and discussion among themselves about the answers given. Afterwards, YP were involved in the discussions and decisions with management about who should be appointed.

They shared that they felt it had been a great opportunity for them to be part of this process and the experience made them feel like their voice mattered.

We are looking forward to seeing the great benefit this role will bring to the YP across our services and hope to formally introduce them soon.


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