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your first placement as a foster carer

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The process of becoming a foster carer is appropriately lengthy and involved. From application to panel, and then undertaking training, new carers are thoroughly prepared for their first placement.

What must it feel like to get that first phone call?

”I have a referral of a child that is a good match for you”.

You'd probably have different questions like when, and what are they like? When your first foster child comes to live in your house it is new for all of you. Getting to know each other and understanding all the cans and can'ts takes time. It’s important to explain what you are doing and why so this becomes easier for a child to understand you are not doing things to be difficult but because you care about what happens to them and want to keep them safe.

That is often a challenge when often they have been left to get on with things. Over time this usually becomes easier and you build a relationship up, which is the first step towards making changes. Why? Because now they are starting to trust you and listen to what you are saying, little steps. One of the key things in this getting to know each other period, is to remember to laugh together, play games, and build up memories and make the house a good place to be.

As time goes by it's important to think about favourite moments as a carer.

When you get a chance to think about the foster carers job as a whole; and what it means to you, your family, but most of all, what it means to each of the children you have kept safe and taught that people do care. Foster carers inspire our next generation and give them what every child deserves, which is a warm and nurturing place to live with adults they can rely on.

Make a difference and come and be a foster carer with asphaleia, which means 'a place of safety'. Join us and offer children a home.


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