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young people support asphaleia HR with recruitment

Recently, some of our students from our employability programmes assisted with the recruitment of new staff. Our young people panels help us with recruiting for any roles which involve working directly with young people such as outreach workers and tutors.

Each panel consists of between two and five young people, who are supported by our youth voice and participation worker or their tutor to write the questions that they will ask the candidates themselves.

Typical questions are:

Why do you want to do the job?

How would you support me to find a job?

Three words to describe yourself

What do you like about working with young people?

Involving young people in this further supports them with their employability skills as they develop the confidence and professionalism required to engage appropriately with someone on a job interview. And also see for themselves what makes a good impression in an interview and how to answer questions well.

Thank you to all the young people who took part.


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