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wellbeing with sally; winter blues and seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Hi all,


It is that time of year when there is not much daylight, the evening quickly turns into night, and it is often cold and dark!

Most of us do feel better when there is warmth and sunshine in our day and when it is brighter generally. Therefore, we can all relate to symptoms of SAD.

However, some people suffer quite badly with the winter blues and SAD and its symptoms, they often feel low, tired and empty during with winter months.

tips to help with the winter blues

Despite it being a tough time of year, there are things that we can do that may help, these include:

  • Keep active – get moving!

  • Get outside – fresh air does so much good!

  • Keep warm – try not to get too cold, it can bring you down more.

A cat peeing out from underneath a fluffy mat on a sofa

  • Eat well – balance your diet and remember the 5 food groups.

  • Have it light – if there is little daylight, put extra lamps on. If you're affected by SAD, try a light therapy lamp (SAD, Lumi lamp).

  • Talk it out – whether it’s with friends/family or in therapy, talking can be just the thing to get us through.

sunnier days ahead to help with SAD

the sun is rising over the top of a snowy mountain range and casting its glow on a lone house

Here’s some nice thoughts about longer, sunny days ahead:


  • At the end of January, the sun won’t set until 5.14pm…then…

  • February: 5.37pm

  • March: 6.14pm

  • April: 7.11pm

  • May: 8.06pm

So… brighter days are coming. 😊


Take care, Sally


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