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wellbeing with Sally; spring bucket list

Hi all,


Isn’t it lovely that Spring is finally here, and the days are getting longer, brighter and more sunny?

Spring is a great time to get stuck into some positive vibes and enjoy the things we like doing that boost our wellbeing!

Pastel coloured eggs are on some green hay and in a Spring themed basket

So, here is a Spring bucket list – go ahead and try some or all of them and let’s spring into an uplifting time of year:


  • Decorate for Spring – even if it’s a section in your bedroom or your nice private area, why not get a new positive picture on the wall, or put up some Spring-themed bunting.

  • Visit a farm - it's such a great time to visit a farm to see all those lovely animals and those little lambs…..awwww!

two lambs are in a field and looking towards the camera

  • Arrange flowers – whether it's making your own bunch or creating something similar, get those colours blending!

  • Bake cookies - they’re so tasty, and why not!

  • Decorate an area with plants and/or flowers – bunches of daffodils are only £1 from most supermarkets and can make your room/home look bright and happy.

  • Clean up the garden – it can make you feel good having a nice outdoor area to sit and relax, even just putting some cheap fairy lights around outside areas can look amazing.

  • Take a walk – whether it's at the beach, a park, or around town, walking has many benefits on our physical and mental health. So, wherever is good and while you're at it, catch that sunset!

two pairs of feet are walking through an urban setting

  • Ride a bike – not only is this good exercise, the fresh air and scenery can make you feel great!

Enjoy the Spring… it’s a wonderful time of year.


Take care,






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