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wellbeing with Sally; loneliness awareness week

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

At the end of June we had Loneliness Awareness week, which was founded by the Marmalade Trust in 2016. It coincides with The Great Get Together and Refugee Week, which all have overlapping messages about unity that are summarised by the late Jo Cox MP,

We have far more in common than that which divides us.

The Great Get Together is organised by the Jo Cox Foundation and aims to encourage people to gather in their communities to combat loneliness and isolation. And also to celebrate difference and diversity as people from different backgrounds and beliefs build friendships together through these events.

loneliness and mental health

Loneliness and isolation can have a significant negative impact on our mental health and I think if we weren't convinced of this before COVID-19 landed on our doorsteps in early 2020, we are now.

Three lockdowns later and many of us recognise the mental and emotional struggles we've experienced, not just because of the worrying nature of the spread of COVID-19, but also through simply spending so much time by ourselves.

Even if we've had immediate family sharing a household with us, these relationships can be complicated and even if they're not, many of us rely on the support of other family members, friends, and members of our community.

So for Loneliness Awareness week I did something a little different and instead of writing a post, I filmed a short video that we posted on Instagram and Facebook to provide young people and our asphaleia community some tips for dealing with loneliness.

Take a look!

Take care everyone,


This content is general information only, not advice. If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health issue, please contact a mental health professional or contact the Samaritans.


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