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supporting care leavers with a money management programme

As part of the Multiply Skills for Life project that asphaleia are delivering, support is being offered to care leavers through Multiply Flatmate.

Leaving care can be an extremely challenging transition and one aspect of this change is the responsibility of managing money and household finances.

Multiply Flatmate leaflets, a money management programme for care leavers aged 19-29

Multiply Flatmate is for care leavers or young people who are about to leave care and are aged 19-29. It's a free money management programme tailored to the individual that can help them manage their personal and household finances, including housing costs, benefits, and paying bills.

The programme can also support young people with creating budgets and shopping economically. As well as informing them about banking and saving as well as young people's entitlements as care leavers.

individualised money management programme

Recently, a young person has been working through this programme. Before they started, the staff member began the programme by assessing the young person and understanding their needs and current financial/budgeting knowledge with a questionnaire.


Based on the answers given, staff provided information and guidance on budgeting and financing.

a close up shot of part of a bank card

Together with the young person, they created a plan/budget in addition to an income and expense record to keep track of all inflows and outflow of money.


They also discussed imminent changes to the young person's family circumstances and how this would impact the next few years and how to budget during that time with the help of apps and online resources.


Staff also checked in with the young person during each session regarding their wellbeing in every sense and how the sessions are impacting their day to day financial health.

If you or someone you know is interested in doing this programme, please contact us today.


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