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student services room at asphaleia training

At our learning centre in Worthing, we are pleased to share that we now have a Student Services room. This provides students with a place to go when they have any issues relating to their programme at asphaleia training, but also when they have other questions or concerns related to their overall wellbeing.

Photo of student services board outside the room

Our mental health and pastoral lead, Sally, and our youth voice and participation worker, Freddie, are based in this room and have drop-in hours available for students. Sally will be able to offer support with mental and emotional wellbeing and Freddie is available to listen to feedback, offer employability support, inform students about upcoming events and activities (such as the summer programme), and help resolve any problems related to students' programmes of study.

To find out more about what it's like to study at asphaleia training, please click here.


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