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spring activities for foster families

Spring is always an uplifting time of year as the days grow longer and the weather starts to warm up. The winter months can leave us all feeling a bit stale with the kids on screens more than we'd like.

In this post we wanted to share some spring activities that carers could do with their foster children to celebrate this time of year, experience nature, and enjoy some time together.

  1. Go for a picnic

Spring can be the best time of year for picnics as it's not too hot and so long as it's dry and you wear enough layers, it can be a very pleasant outing for the family.

2. Bake some hot cross buns

Here's a Paul Hollywood recipe - if you don't like raisins why not add chocolate chips!

3. Go on a nature hunt

Look up flowers, birds and creepy crawlies that you're likely to see at this time of year, make a list, and head out to the nearest park or woodland area and see how many you can spot. You could combine this activity with suggestion no. 1!

4. Plant some vegetables

Now is the perfect time to plant some vegetable seeds in seedling pots, or maybe straight into the ground for some varieties. If you don't have much space you can grow tomatoes in pots and even strawberries in hanging baskets.

5. Make a bug hotel or a bird feeder

Make a safe haven for the creatures in your garden and help them thrive. You can find plenty of guides online for DIY bug hotels and bird feeders or houses. Or buy them from garden centres and perhaps decorate them.

6. Create an Easter tree and paint some ornaments for it

Bring the spring season into your home with an Easter tree that you can then use as a centre piece on your dinner table Easter Sunday! Create a tradition that every family member adds an ornament each year. Here is a how to guide for how to make an Easter tree:

We hope you have lots of fun together trying out some of these activities. If you're interested in becoming a foster carer with asphaleia. We are based in Worthing and are looking for carers who live across Sussex, you can find out more by clicking here.


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