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SAFE workshops with young people in asphaleia services

SAFE runs across the South East, providing prevention and intervention for children and young people at risk of child sexual exploitation, trafficking, sexualised behaviour and criminal exploitation.

We work in partnership with the community and local authorities to offer creative and responsive intervention to ensure children are safe from harm. SAFE offers opportunities to upskill professionals and families to develop resilience and understanding of child sexual exploitation.

Our SAFE team work with young people across the organisation, enabling them to participate in workshops and activities that engage them and create an environment where staff can provide all important guidance and information that will help yp stay safe and be positive members of their communities.

Easter activities

In the week before Easter, the SAFE team worked at the training centre to do some fun Easter activities with our young people. For some of our young people, it was their first time celebrating Easter, for others, it was a nice chance to have a break and spend time with family! We looked at the Christian origins of Easter and how some people celebrate.

There was also an Easter quiz with some Easter Egg prizes! The young people also took the time to paint some Easter eggs that we hung in the training centre that passers-by could see over the Easter weekend.

talking through the roadmap out of lockdown

Our students at the training centre have worked hard to keep up with their studies whilst going through a global pandemic. They have shown a great deal of resilience and dedication to continue throughout such difficult times.

Following government announcements, we are hopefully on the home stretch, with school opening, shops opening, and being able to see more of our loved ones. With summer also approaching, the lifting of COVID restrictions are greatly anticipated.

The SAFE project took the time to look through the pathway out of lockdown with OnTrack and ESOL students. We went at a suitable pace to sure everyone understood the language used and broke down the information into relevant and manageable chunks.

We also had a look at expectations in the training centre. This was a reminder to the students of all the things that we are doing to make sure they are safe. For example, wearing face masks, sanitising desks, and having small class bubbles.

Alongside all this information, the SAFE project held a competition to help raise the spirits of our young people and reward them for their hard work. The young people were asked to design face masks. We received some amazing designs, ranging from flags, to patterns, to some imaginative drawings of mouths.

The winner was a beautiful mask that had a design of a bird and flowers on it - congratulations to this young person! They were very pleased to receive their prize!

workshops in our 16+ accommodation services

Here at the SAFE project we have also been doing weekly sessions at asphaleia’s accommodation services. We combine talking about healthy relationships with doing a fun activity to get our young people engaged and help them feel comfortable talking about some difficult topics.

Each week we focus on one topic relating to healthy relationships and online safety. March saw us having some really interesting and insightful conversations on the topics of: imbalance of power, online abuse, and respect.

We like to tailor the activities we do to the young person’s interests. At one of our houses, we have a really artistic young person who has been painting canvases, doing tie-dying, and painting glasses.

Meanwhile, at another house, the young people are big foodies. Here, we have been cooking dishes including making their own pizza and halloumi pasta.

This has been a great way to give the young people in our care something fun to do whilst also making sure they get the key work they need to keep safe.

If you want to refer a young person to our SAFE project for CSE interventon, please visit our contact info page or call us on 01903 522966.


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