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recap of our future focus training offer

If you know a young person who is looking for new opportunities to help them into the world of work then our future focus programme may be just what they need to start 2022 with a positive step towards reaching their full potential.

Future focus offers three weeks of workshops to help young people reach their career goals. The programme is open to anyone aged 16-24 living in West Sussex currently seeking work.

The workshops will run on two afternoons throughout three weeks in small groups of up to five students. The workshops will involve:

  • Employability skills building sessions focusing on key skills sought after by employers such as confidence, motivation and self-assertion.

  • Support with CVs, cover letters and applications.

  • Help to refine interview skills to help them secure their desired role

Students will also receive a personalised progression plan to support them towards their desired career path.

The programmes will run from every first Tuesday of the month and provide additional support post programme to ensure students reach their goals.

To find out about a young person's experience on future focus, please read this story.

If you would like to make a referral or find out more, please email us on

Future Focus is funded by the European Social Fund.


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