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multiply career workshops with industry professionals

In a world full of opportunities, the journey to establishing your career can be a challenging one. asphaleia's new Multiply program is part of the government's Skills for Life program where free education and training is offered to help people gain the skills they need to gain employment and develop their careers.

multiply for work flyer; a free numeracy skills and employability program for young adults

multiply career workshops

In November and December last year, we held our first Multiply workshops. Their aim was to offer insights into social care, retail, and hospitality. The goal was to both educate and empower students with practical knowledge about the day-to-day realities of working in these industries, including every-day numeracy skills.

A highlight was students were able to hear from professionals in these different sectors. The employees shared their experiences, highlighting the nuances of their respective industries and emphasising that knowledge of the current job market is important for making future career decisions. The Multiply career workshops explored local and national job trends providing students with a comprehensive overview of the opportunities available, including insights into emerging fields, in-demand skills, and the evolving landscape of the workforce.


financial literacy: understanding wage slips

To prepare students for the financial elements of employment, the workshops included input on decoding wage slips and understanding the complexities of taxation. Practical exercises enabled students to practice calculating their earnings accurately, empowering them to make informed financial decisions.

In addition to financial literacy, the programme emphasised the importance of numeracy skills in the workplace. From budgeting and expense tracking to interpreting data and statistics, students developed a solid foundation in numeracy that will prove invaluable in various aspects of their lives.


navigating career paths: the personality careers quiz

One of the most enjoyable components of the programme for students was the Personality Careers Quiz. This interactive tool helped them to identify their strengths, preferences, and potential career paths based on their personalities. Feedback from students showed that this exercise provided clarity and also sparked enthusiasm about their future options.


"The programme was an eye-opener! Interacting with professionals and understanding the real challenges they face made me rethink my career choices. The personality quiz was fun and surprisingly accurate—I now have a clearer direction for my future."

Multiply student

multiply sessions coming up

We are running Get Into workshops in January and then starting our 6-week course in February.

Get Into… Health and Social Care – January 2024

Get Into… Retail – January 2024

Get Into… Hospitality – January 2024


Get Into… workshops will take your career journey to the next level. Over 6 hours, you will receive individual careers advice from our specialist Careers Advisors, get help with applying for real vacancies and hear from local people working in these sectors. You will also brush up on essential numeracy skills relevant to your chosen sector.


 Multiply 4 Work – 6 week course


Sign up now for our:


Multiply 4 Work - 6 week course starts February 2024.


This course will run in Worthing for 3 hours per week for 6 weeks.


At this course, you will join a small group to learn essential employability skills and functional numeracy skills relevant to the workplace. On completion, you will achieve a certificate to boost your CV and help you on your career pathway.

To sign up, please complete this form or go to our contact page to find out more information.  


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