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it's Refugee Week 2021

This annual festival is taking place in the UK on 14th-20th June and is an incredibly important week to asphaleia and has been throughout our 21 years of delivery.

Our first ever project was an accommodation service for UASC young people (YP). Our services grew and developed initially out of a desire to address the other needs that UASC faced, such as extremely low levels of English so mainstream education options were not ideal. As well as mental health issues and integration into UK culture and customs. Today we are delivering a reception service for UASC in the very same property we began with.

Celebating people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life is something we are passionate about. Raising awareness of and showing our support for refugees, their experiences and also their skills and abilities is important in a world that sadly includes people who are hostile towards them.

It is educational festivals like Refugee Week that help create communities that are accepting and welcoming. Yet they only make a real difference when people and organizations, like us, show our support.

Over the years we have been moved, overwhelmed, and inspired by our UASC YP and their stories, experiences and strength. For Refugee Week this year, and to show our solidarity with all refugees, we are joining The Great Walk Together.

As staff are all in various locations with different working patterns, we are not holding one event but instead asking all staff to commit to joining in and taking a short walk on each day of Refugee Week.

We would like to encourage you as well to take some time to engage with the stories and awareness-raising work of Refugee Week during the week itself by taking a look at their website. There are also other resources and activities for people of all ages to engage with.

As part of the Great Get Together (in partnership with Jo Cox Foundation), there is a virtual assembly for children and YP about loneliness. Follow this link and scroll down to find it.

We look forward to sharing more throughout the week on our social channels and blog.


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