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future focus project success

asphaleia training successfully delivered a project called Future Focus, which started in 2018 and ended in late 2023. The project was funded by the European Social Fund and its aim was to support NEET young adults with their next steps into employment, education or training. With 1-1 sessions and workshops, Future Focus students were able to set goals, build confidence, and gain the skills needed to move forward into jobs or education.

During the delivery of the project, 256 participants were supported through tailored programmes designed to help them reach their individual goals.

future focus flyer

young person story; supported into a job

Our Future Focus lead was approached by a social worker for support to engage a young person who was NEET and refusing to work with professionals. At first, the young person didn’t attend meetings but in time, agreed to meet staff at a local coffee shop. This initial meeting was a success and our Future Focus lead spoke with the participant about their interests, what they wanted to do in the future and their barriers. This participant was interested in construction but did not enjoy the college experience and being in a classroom and was interested in getting a job.

On Future Focus, the participant met with staff every week, successfully writing a CV and cover letter, and focusing on interview skills and building confidence. They were interested in completing a CSCS course, but there was no funding for this. Staff were able to secure funding for this course for the participant.

During this period, they worked weekly on CSCS revision until the participant had their online training and test. The participant came to our centre and was supported by staff to complete the day’s course. They then went on to secure a CSCS card. Our Future Focus lead then got in contact with local builders and after a meeting with a builder, the participant secured a job as a labourer on a construction site.

builders on a construction site

The participant said; ‘At first I didn’t want to work with [Future Focus lead], and just thought this was another professional that I had been passed onto who said they would help me, but didn’t. [Future Focus lead] really helped me on the Future Focus course with getting my CSCS card and helping me find a job. I am really enjoying being a labourer and get on well with my boss.’


young person story; ESOL and employment

A young adult came to our centre interested in the Future Focus programme. They had recently moved to the area from Afghanistan and were working on their spoken English. They were wanting supporting with getting onto an adult ESOL course as well as a job. They worked with our Future Focus lead on completing their CV and went around the Worthing area together, hand delivering their CV to different sectors of work such has retail and hospitality.

They also applied to Worthing College for them to complete an ESOL course.

The participant was offered a job at a local hotel, as well as a September start at college for the ESOL course.

They said, ‘I was very worried when I came to the UK that I would not find work. The Future Focus course was great and having one-to--one sessions with my project worker really helped build my confidence.’


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