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fostering in the community; a jubilee street party

Over the Platinum Jubilee weekend, one of our foster families hosted a party for their local community. It was an opportunity for them to bring people together whilst celebrating an event that wasn't about fostering and didn't highlight the young person in their care but gave the child an opportunity to join in with a social event as part of the family, as well as see people from diverse backgrounds come together in a positive way. It also gave them the chance to make memories and feel part of the family team, helping to lay tables and set up the food.

Here's more about the event from one of the carers;

I invited all the local families that we know in our road and in some nearby roads. One of those families asked if they could bring a Ukrainian refugee and her daughter who had recently moved into our road and I thought that it would be lovely to include them.

We also invited some new neighbours that had moved into our road but whom we had not yet met.

I had ordered Union Jack plates, cups, napkins and hooters and I asked everyone to wear either red, white and blue or Royalty themed costumes.

We were blessed with beautiful weather - the best day of the whole jubilee weekend.

It was wonderful to get all our neighbours together and I know that lots of them really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know other people in our road.

My husband played the National Anthem on his cornet and I had put together a playlist of music from the 1940s to current day.

Our youngest son and our foster child both had a great time. They loved dressing up in their crowns and robes and they especially enjoyed all the party food and playing all day with lots of other children. Hopefully they will both now have memories that will last a lifetime.

Everyone told us how much they enjoyed it and several people suggested we should do it again next week.

Maybe give me another year to get over this one!

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