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foster carers support their young person to get a job

The summer months can be a bit daunting for parents and young people as several weeks stretch out ahead with not much to do. Especially during this present time when less activity places are open or it's harder to get bookings.

One of the young people in our foster care placements has been supported by their carers to get a job. They finished school at the end of May and following conversations up until the last day of school. The carers and their supervising social worker had a plan for the YP to search for either volunteer work or paid work, the latter being their preference.

The carers started looking for the type of employment that would best suit the YP, who is shy so didn’t want to work in an environment where they’d have to interact with lots of people.

developing independent living skills

Getting a job for a YP is an experience that gives them many new and essential life skills. They would have to travel to a new place, which would build their confidence. As well as learn to talk about their skills and experience and successfully navigate the application and interview process.

The carer’s supported the YP and took them to the interview at the YP's request. They had many discussions about the interview, including what you might wear and how dressing a certain way sends a message and also helps you to feel confident.

The carers also helped the YP to prepare for the interview itself. They discussed what an interview is like and the sort of questions that might be asked. The YP was successful at interview and invited for a trial day, where they were also successful and so got the job!

During this time the carers were ensuring the YP had the right documentation to get the job. Including things like updating the YP's bus pass so they could travel to the next town where the job is located. They looked at bus timetables and helped them consider what bus they'd need to get in order to be there on time.

first day on the job

The carer's were pleased to see the YP start well on their first day. They left on time and wore the appropriate dress as requested by the employer. It was hugely eye-opening for the YP on the first day of their first ever job. They found out how hard it is to work for a wage.

As well as doing all the tasks required, the YP had to talk to the other members of the team. These were all brilliant first steps for them.

When the YP was asked what they planned on doing with their first wage packet, they said they wanted to buy something for their carer. Both the carer and supervising social worker thought this was lovely and are very proud of the YP and their courage to take this new step into employment.

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