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final update from the last two weeks of our summer programme

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

week three activities

Week three was another exciting and active week for the On Track students who were attending the summer programme. The activities included a trip up to Cissbury Ring, mask making, orienteering, as well as starting our coursework to achieve the NCFE Personal Social Development Level 1 award.

achieving a qualification

The week began with the students starting the coursework so they can achieve a level 1 from the summer programme - a great way to encompass learning into the fun and games that was had throughout the four weeks. The coursework included describing the different roles that we had taken throughout the activities, including leader, team player and mentor.

a trip to Cissbury Ring

The next day was the big trip up to Cissbury Ring and although there were a few people worried about the climb, overall everyone was excited for the views and experience. We took the bus to Findon and there we started the climb up to the top of Cissbury Ring. Although steep, it turned out to be a shorter climb than the mountain most had prepared themselves for. However, the reward was worth the effort, with students stunned by the views and all snapping away with their phones to capture the moment.


The final day of week three started with some tired legs from the hills the day before, but with a few games of uno and some other fun and games, the young people where ready for the day's activity - orienteering. The class was split into groups and had to find their way around Worthing looking for predefined landmarks.

Overall, the young people had another fantastic week with new experiences and sights to enjoy.

the final week

Week four was another fantastic week including the following activities:

  • Olympic Sports Day - this involved students taking part in a football tournament, rounders, basketball, and relay races.

  • Creative writing walk - exploring all our senses, students walked around town, the beach and park, recording what we could see, hear, smell, taste, feel.

The week ended with a trip to the bowling alley, followed by a celebration event at the centre where all students received a certificate for attending the summer programme. We had a great four weeks and our students really enjoyed the balance of fun, creativity and learning. We're impressed with how well they engaged and worked together and look forward to welcoming several of them back for the start of a new term.


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