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engagement activities in our 16+ accommodation service

In our reception service for unaccompanied asylum seeking young people, staff have been engaging young people through various activities over the past year.

Staff aim to enable young people to pursue their interests and over the years have sourced musical instruments, sewing machines, and gardening materials in order to help young people enjoy a variety of activities.

Two young people expressed an interest in badminton and went to play at the local leisure centre, with staff helping them to get the equipment needed and with booking a court. They thoroughly enjoyed it and said they will go and play again.

One young person was keen to make his own clothes. After staff sourced a secondhand sewing machine, the young person made his own hoodie. He embroidered his name, cut the fabric using a pattern, and sewed the pieces together neatly and carefully without needing pins. The finished hoodie looked incredible and fit him very nicely.

Staff and young people at the house have a tradition that when it is a young person's birthday, the other residents make them cards and club together to get gifts. The young people report they are always happy with the unexpected celebrations on their birthdays.

Many of the young people love to do crafts and recently they decorated plant pots with mosaic tiles. And a staff member was delighted to receive a beaded piece of artwork made by one of the young people.

Staff also engage young people regularly in cooking nights where they cook a meal from a recipe and then eat together. Young people will often share recipes from their cultures for everyone to enjoy. Other activities have included museum visits and participating in photography competitions.

It is a priority for staff to support our young people to take part in these activities within our 16+ Reception service for UASC, as it helps them to bond together and has a positive impact on their wellbeing.

To find out more about this service, and our other 16+ accommodation services in the South East of England, please contact us.


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