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asphaleia fostering launches campaign; make a difference with a different career

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

We are excited to launch our 'make a difference with a different career' campaign to help us recruit new carers. Due to the current restrictions we're all under, our campaign is entirely content based and we're looking forward to raising awareness of asphaleia fostering on all our channels.

asphaleia fostering is unique. It is not a standalone agency but is part of an organisation that provides services for children and young people who have experienced disadvantage. Not only do we have a strong vision and mission with children, young people and their potential at the centre, we have other services such as, exploitation intervention, further education, and mental health support, that young people in our fostering placements can access.

Not to mention a number of experienced and knowledgeable staff members who can support carers with their placements. We have a lot to offer people who are looking to make a difference to young people and explore a rewarding and secure career option. This week you'll hear how our carers make a difference in children's lives and also from our carers on what they have gained from being foster carers.

Take a look at our dedicated page to find out more about being a carer with asphaleia fostering and how to enquire further. To keep up with the stories and media we'll be sharing throughout the week, please subscribe to receive emails from us and follow us on social media. Unless there's a special event going on, we just send one email a month.


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