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asphaleia celebrates anti-bullying week 2023

The 13th-17th of November was Anti-Bullying Week and this is an event that features on asphaleia's calendar each year.

Bullying is a topic that needs revisiting so we never become complacent about something that can have a huge impact on a person's life.

This year, the Anti-Bullying Alliance focused their campaign on the phrase 'Make a Noise' to encourage people to talk about bullying, whether they're a victim or a witness of it, and to call out 'banter' when it's hurting or humiliating others.

To show our solidarity with the cause, we pledged our support by signing up on the Anti-Bullying website.

the map from the anti-bullying website showing a pin for asphaleia

We also shared resources with staff that could be used in lessons, key work, and put up in our properties.

a staff members' odd socks

Staff were encouraged to wear ODD SOCKS on the 13th and some shared their pledges for the coming year in terms of keeping anti-bullying a priority all year round.


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