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asphaleia's plans for celebrating foster care fortnight 2021; 10-23 may

asphaleia is excited to be taking part in Foster Care Fortnight, which starts next week!

We want to raise the profile of asphaleia fostering, showcase the dedication of our team and express the need to recruit more carers to continue fulfilling asphaleia’s mission;

“To impact as many lives of children and young people who have experienced disadvantage as we can”

This year’s theme is #whywecare. The aim is to help people understand the value of fostering and the positive impact it can have on a child or young person’s life.

foster care fortnight banner image

Throughout the fortnight there will be activities our staff and asphaleia community can all take part in, some being;

  • Wear something yellow on Tuesday 18th May to support asphaleia fostering

  • Tell us why you care

  • ‘Spread the word’: Can you recommend a person who would be interested in becoming a foster carer at asphaleia? Can you spend some time putting up or handing out flyers in your local community?

Keep an eye out for more information starting from Monday! If you're interested in being an asphaleia carer, click here!


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