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5 reasons to study at asphaleia training in Bognor

As well as our further education provision in Worthing we offer our core programme, OnTrack, in Bognor too. OnTrack is an employability programme for young people aged 16-18. It is a tailored programme offering employability, English, and maths accredited qualifications as well as support with gaining work experience and preparing to apply for jobs.

Our pre-engagement programmes, Make Trax and Future Focus are also available in Bognor for young people who face barriers to learning. To find out more about our programmes, click here.

So, why study with asphaleia training in Bognor?

1. You can study 3 subjects across 2 days a week

Looking to start college but would prefer having to attend less days? In Bognor, we offer employability, English, and maths across a Monday and Tuesday only, meaning you have five days a week to dedicate to a job, a hobby or just to yourself! We can also help you to apply for part-time jobs, building your confidence and employability skills and helping you make progress into the world of work.

2. We offer small group settings

We understand that for many reasons you may want to study in a smaller setting. This means that tutors can give each person a more individualised learning experience and spend more time getting to know how you learn. Small groups also help us to stay COVID-19 secure and make sure that you feel and are safe learning with us in Bognor.

3. Our programmes are tailored to you

At asphaleia training we recognise that not one style of learning fits all. We work hard to ensure that everyone has not only a positive experience but a personal one too. We offer pre-engagement programmes called Make Trax and Future Focus, which help to assess areas of development as well as areas of strength. These programmes allow you to meet with a tutor or project worker and get into a routine before starting the two-day course. Our employability programme is tailored to each person to ensure they get the information and skills needed in order to make progress towards their chosen destination, whilst achieving accredited qualifications.

4. Location

We are a 20-minute walk from Bognor town centre and the train station, meaning we’re easy to get to from both Littlehampton, Chichester, and beyond. We’re also on two main bus routes and have cycle racks and parking available.

5. Extra support

At asphaleia we are proud to offer extra support for students who study with us. Studying with us in Bognor could mean you qualify for a bursary when you attend, as well as the offer of mental health support, help finding work experience or work placements, support in your job hunt, and vouchers when you refer a friend to us. We will work hard to help you to build connections that enable you to prepare for your future.

We take referrals all year round, meaning you can enrol at any point in the year.

Call us today for an informal chat about studying at Bognor on 01903 522966, or message us here and we will be in touch.


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