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5 reasons to attend asphaleia's summer progamme by our student ambassador

1) To learn new things!

A summer programme is a great way to learn new things in a more enjoyable and exciting way. You will be surrounded by all kinds of fun and creative activities, and you will be able to get stuck right in with anything and everything!

2) To keep busy during summer!

Keeping busy and staying active is important for our mental well-being. As much as staying at home and watching TV all day sounds like fun, it's not doing our mind and body any good. Attending the summer programme will allow your mind to stay positive and your body active.

3) To meet new people!

Meeting new people can seem like such a challenge, it can be scary and overwhelming, but ultimately it can lead to wonderful friendships, amazing social opportunities and extra support around you. Meeting new people broadens our minds and opens the doors to new adventures!

4) To maintain a healthy routine!

For most of us a routine is very important in our day-to-day lives, but it is just as important to have a well planned out week too, so then we know what to expect and can stay organised. Our summer programme will be able to help you keep your routine and help you to structure your week, whilst also having a lot of fun!


Last but not least, our summer programme is planned to make sure that you have fun this summer, this is your time to enjoy yourself before all the hard work starts in September! So why not join us at asphaleia and join us at our summer programme! We promise you will love it!

To find out more or get involved (there are still two weeks to go!), call us on 01903 823546 or email


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