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5 reasons to study at asphaleia this september

Students are busy enrolling at our centre in Worthing this week! We are excited for a new term of learning and progression. asphaleia has a COVID-19 secure centre in the heart of Worthing and can provide further education to 16-18 year-olds through employability programmes. We take new students all through the year, though it would be great to start at the beginning of the term to get to know other new students - what's stopping you? If you don't have a place in another college or university, why not find out more about us. For now, here's five reasons why we may be a great option for you or the young person you know.

1. Smaller groups

Our decision to have smaller classes isn’t only COVID-19 related but has always been our preference for young people who study with us. Not only do young people often ask us about class size in initial meetings, we feel that we can provide top quality education if everyone in the group has a chance to have their voice heard.

2. We help young people to achieve

Regardless of a young person's previous history in education, we offer a blank slate policy and work tirelessly to ensure that young people achieve. During lockdown, many of our students achieved through calculated grades proving that their hard work and the quality of their work was more than enough to gain qualifications.

young person and tutor at computer

3. It’s about you

Our core employability programme is all about the young person. We tailor career plans and review these throughout the academic year, welcoming changes or complete u-turns as part of the process of preparing for life and work. Employability will challenge young people to learn skills and gain knowledge all about preparing for the workplace. We believe that students have the power to choose where they would like to take those skills and we will support them every step of the way.

4. Extra support on offer

Through tutorials, bursaries, mental health support and more, asphaleia offers extra support to students throughout the learning journey. We understand that this year in particular may mean that these extras are needed more than ever, and we are fully prepared to deliver them. Young people may also choose to start their asphaleia journey on our pre-engagement programme, Make Trax, in order to give them grounding and introduction to education.

5. Build your soft skills with asphaleia

Life isn’t just about qualifications. Part of the experience of life and work is all about soft skills like confidence, communication, teamwork, independence and much more. It is a unique part of our programmes here to help young people to build these skills and qualities alongside formal achievement.

If you know any 16-18 year olds still looking for a September destination, we are still enrolling. Get in touch today to book a initial appointment so that we can help more young people to succeed, achieve and progress into work.


T: 01903 522966

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