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our top 5 employability skills you need to get a job

There are many skills you need to be employable. Below are 5 skills that will help you to achieve employment, from the moment you start looking and throughout your job.

1. Resilience

Looking for a job can be a daunting task. Especially right now, lots of people may be looking for jobs and applying for jobs can be a long process. That’s why resilience is one of the top 5 employability skills; you need to be able to accept that you might not always get the first job you apply for and have the ability to apply for more. In terms of employability, resilience doesn’t end when you secure a job. In most jobs you will need to be able to deal with situations that may be complicated, with the ability to not let it define your day.

2. Flexibility

It’s completely normal to have an ideal job in mind. However, if you are too rigid, for example never wanting to work weekends, wanting to make a certain amount straight away, wanting to do certain tasks but not others, you may find it harder to land a job. In addition, most employers want team players who are willing to step in when it's needed. If you are willing to be flexible with things like hours, this may make you much more employable.

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3. Honesty

Honesty is really important when it comes to being employable. Honestly ranges from not lying on your CV, all the way through to telling the truth at work, and also being up front with an employer. I was once told by a manager at a local cinema that the top skill they look for is honesty. He said that he wishes people were more honest about what hours they can and can’t do, as he would always rather accommodate than have to make last minute changes.

4. Commitment

In any job, commitment is a key skill. Being committed means that you care about the place you work and show this through turning up on time, giving it 100% and respecting your role as an employee, for example taking on constructive criticism and taking learning opportunities. Employers spend time and money training staff and in return expect a commitment from you, which is why you might have to sign a contract at work.

5. Accountability

Being accountable for your actions and your role at work means that you are willing to take responsibility. In most jobs you will be given key roles for that day or key targets to hit throughout a certain amount of time. Of course, being accountable doesn’t mean that things will always go 100% right. One example is, you may need more time to complete tasks one day as your train was late. Being accountable means calling and explaining you will be late and why and working hard to meet your targets or perform your tasks despite the start to your day, instead of trying to slip in an hour late unnoticed.

No one is born with all of these skills available to them. We all have them within us, but like everything, they must be developed, and worked at. If you are 16-24 and live in West Sussex and feel you could benefit from growing your employment skills, why not get in touch today to find out how we can support you.

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