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make a positive difference to the life of a child in care by being a foster carer

According to The Fostering Network, over 65,000 children live with over 55,000 fostering families across the UK each day. Every year, thousands of foster families are needed in England. At the moment, asphaleia fostering are recruiting for new carers to meet the need of children and young people in care in West Sussex. Based in Worthing, asphaleia foster carers benefit from being part of a wider organisation that delivers holistic services for children and young people, including employability education, CSE intervention, and mental health support. Not least is it helpful if their foster child needs any of these services, there is a wealth of knowledge, experience, support and organisation-wide training that carers can participate in.

Being in a nurturing and safe environment can make a huge difference to the outcomes of a child in care. If you want to know more about the difference fostering can make to a child's life, keep reading for the lived experience of one of the foster children in one of our placements...

Hi my name is M. I have lived with my foster carers for the last 5 years. When I first arrived I felt very afraid, but after a few days I realised my foster carers were very kind and caring people and made me feel at home. I miss my country and family a lot but living with such lovely people helped me with my home sickness. My aunty first showed me around Worthing, I soon found friends and my confidence grew.

My foster carers helped me get my travel document, which was a big relief. I really enjoyed my English classes and met many new friend there from different parts of the world. I joined a local gym, which I went 4 times a week before the COVID lockdown. My favourite hobby is cricket and I play for a local cricket club, which my carers supports me in. I have been attending a mechanics course, which I really enjoy and I also work in a takeaway restaurant, this job has helped me become independent. Overall my experience here in the UK has been excellent and I thank my foster carers very much.

We are holding virtual Q&A's with our fostering manager in the month of August so you can ask any questions you may have about fostering, 7pm every Monday, come for as long as you like for a no-obligation chat to find out more. Click here to book your place!

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