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asphaleia summer programme kicks off with cooking week!

Last week was the first week in our six-week remote summer programme that the SAFE team are running for all young people involved with asphaleia.

a bit different this year...

The SAFE summer programme is usually an opportunity to gather a large group of young people together from a variety of different backgrounds to engage in activities such as bowling, day trips to Brighton, and art activities. However, due to the restrictions brought about by the pandemic and wanting to ensure that we are all keeping safe, the SAFE team have decided to make this year’s summer programme a remote and digital experience! We have worked hard to ensure that we can still all do something together as a community and enjoy the summer as much as possible.

what's happening?

Each week we have assigned a theme and added competitions and quizzes for which young people can win vouchers. We have designed various other activities that they can get involved in. All the weeks' activities will be sent out in emails throughout the week.

week one - cooking week!

Last week was Cooking Week, during which we shared asphaleia staff’s favourite dishes, as well as instructional cooking videos for young people to try at home. We also held a quiz on Instagram and offered a ‘design your own pizza’ competition (see the winning design below). Well done to the winners of both activities - keep an eye on your e-mail inbox as the £5 voucher will be coming your way!

design your own pizza

We want to thank everyone who took part and made for a great start to the programme! We are keen to see any cooking or recipes from anyone that tried them at home!

week two...

This week’s theme is ‘let’s get creative’ so young people will be receiving lots of arty activities for them to try, including origami (so, young people, flex your fingers and get folding!)

Any work you would like to share with us or questions regarding the summer programme can be sent to us at

If you have a young person you'd like to refer to any of our services, please call 01903 823546 to find out more. To keep up to date with our news, click here to subscribe.

We look forward to the coming weeks and seeing the wonderful work our young people produce!

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