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a young person's story for refugee week 2020

It was Refugee Week last week. Many activities and learning took place. If you did any Simple Acts and are part of our asphaleia community, please let us know how you took part by sending us a message here.

Below is a piece of writing by one of our young people who shares a bit about his experience of migration and what it's like to live in Britain.

my story

I am 19 years old and I was born in Angola. I am a Hummingbird Young Leader, an amateur boxer, and an engineering and science student at college.

I have been living here for almost three years. I love living and being here. I feel safe and happy.

As you might know, the journey of a refugee is never easy and sometimes it is hard to describe as we go through a lot of experience. I am happy that I found a place that I can call home.

train journey

The adaptation was not and is still not being easy. When I first arrived here. It was hard to get along with people and quite hard to understand them. People used to speak very fast, and so I tend to keep quiet most of the time. I was constantly worried that I would be judged for the way I sound.

It may sound funny, but I hate the cold! English weather was not easy to cope with. I always found interesting the fact that we can have four seasons in one day!

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