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what is it like being an asphaleia foster carer

Often, the most helpful thing when you're considering a new path is hearing from someone who has already experienced it. We have interviewed another of our foster carers to gain further insight into what it is like to be a foster carer.

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asphaleia fostering is recruiting new foster carers presently and if you would like further information about the application process or our agency, please contact us today. If you're interested but now is not a good time for you to explore fostering further, why not subscribe to our blog posts so you can receive updates about our organisation and blog posts like this one direct to your inbox.

On with the interview...

What's been your biggest challenge as a carer?

Getting all the support our looked after child's (LAC) needs from school and social services.

What has been your most proud moment?

When our LAC started to talk to us about positive future plans.

What's it like being an asphaleia carer?

Our designated asphaleia social workers have shown understanding of our potential and limitations as foster carers. That's of paramount importance to us.

Best advice your ever received?

Tomorrow is a new day.

What top 3 skills do you think you need to be a carer?

Self discipline

Excellent listening skills

Time management

digital watch

What misconceptions do people tend to have about being a foster carer that you've found to be untrue?

A destructive child putting their foster carers through hell is bound to have multiple placements.

We have found that a foster carer's hell is a gateway to better days beyond both the child and their foster carers' initial expectations.

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