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young people get creative in our care services

young person painting fridge magnets

asphaleia care provides services for young people in West Sussex, London and Kent. These services include supported accommodation for 16-18 year olds and semi-independent accommodation. As well as the accommodation, young people receive support from staff in the form of key work sessions and engagement activities. In our supported accommodation in West Sussex a lot of creativity has been going on in recent months.

Engagement activities

In one property, staff encouraged the young people to cook for each other one night in the week. One young person cooked some pasta, which all the household members ate together.

Another young person decorated some fridge magnets as an engagement activity. The young people in the house also created some name signs with wooden lolly sticks and wooden letters, which they then painted.

Easter art session

On Good Friday staff held the first art group session with four young people in another asphaleia property.

They all learnt how to first trace their chosen picture selected from the internet, two of the boys chose their favourite footballers, one chose an artistic weight lifter and one a biblical picture.

After tracing they then transposed their outlined pictures to canvas and then painted the pictures.

Staff demonstrated how to blend and mix colours from the primary colour paints.

All young people thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were very proud of their masterpieces, which they then took and put up in their bedrooms.

young people art work
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If you would like to find out more about our care services, please contact us here. Alternatively, please call 01903 823546.

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