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young people's week; student ambassador shares her asphaleia experience

My name is Iesha and I am a student ambassador at asphaleia. I have been attending asphaleia since the end of October.

Joining a new college is hard especially during a pandemic but everyone at asphaleia welcomed me with open arms and helped me feel happy and confident in the unfamiliar environment, not only are the staff and students super friendly and supportive but they are also very helpful with problems in and out of the college.

The staff at asphaleia go absolutely above and beyond for their student they are amazing and so patient and understanding of our backgrounds and situations and they do their best to resolve any issues and answer any questions students may have I feel very lucky to be in a college that truly has our best interests at heart and encourages us to succeed in everything we do.

I love everything about asphaleia from the staff to the college itself, they are so optimistic and open to new ideas. They take into consideration everyone's opinions of the college and encourage us to tell them what they can do for us as individuals!

asphaleia is open to people of all backgrounds, sexualities and disabilities and are accommodated to suit our needs they are so patient with our work and make us feel like we all are succeeding I am so happy to be coming to college here I feel like when I talk I am not only heard but listened to and they really care what we have to say.

As student ambassador there are still things that are in the process of being changed although it is proving to be more of a challenge with the current pandemic going on.

One of the things that I am hoping to achieve in my time here is us doing more for the community that we live in whether that be helping clean up the community or when lockdown ends help others that need the help.

Another thing that is currently being spoke about is some redecorating and bringing some new life to the college such as students work pieces to express themselves students names and what they would like to achieve in and out of the college.


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