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week 1 of asphaleia's summer programme; exploring the theme 'building relationships'

Welcome to our blog series about asphaleia's summer programme 2021.

Our first week at summer programme got off to a flying start! With a record number of on track and ESOL students attending. During our first day we all got to know each other and participated in various activities, which included a trip to beach followed by some fantastic stone painting.

The theme of the week was Building Relationships (Around the World), so we treated our students to breakfast from around the world; a delicious spread to experience the diversity of breakfasts in other countries and cultures!

Things got very competitive as all students took part in an Around the World Quiz, with topics ranging from geography to music (and all things in between).

Following on with the theme, all students created a flag of their home country, which was brilliant to see the various intricate designs.

We finished off the week with a trip to the cinema to see Jungle Cruise; a fast-paced, edge of your seat Disney film, which went down a hit with all of our students!

Film reviews were written after by our students and they didn’t disappoint, with the majority giving a massive 5 star rating.


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