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update from the KABOR Project in Sierra Leone

We have a fantastic team in Sierra Leone who have been running The Kabor Project since 2004, providing vital support and training to some of the most disadvantaged children, young women and adults in our world today. Kabor is a unique local project, led and managed by local people seeking their own solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone everwhere and we wanted to provide an update as to how our colleagues over in Sierra Leone are managing in this situation and how they are having a positive impact.

Here is the report from staff at the Kabor Project:

Presently our staff are still engaged in the house-to-house sanitation and awareness-raising campaign in the Port-Loko District, whiles the remaining staff continue to monitor and supervise our agricultural activities.

Our Kabor Skills Training Center, before the lockdown on the 31st March 2020, had been providing livelihood enhancement support training to 86 beneficiaries in Hairdressing, Catering, and Tailoring. We intend to maintain this number or even go beyond it despite the reduction of staff because the instructors for these courses are still with us.

We are excited about a potential new project in the future, which will involve the distribution of agricultural seedlings and farm implements to farmer groups in the Port-Loko District. If it goes ahead, we will be able to fund four staff members, and two motorbikes to facilitate the distribution process. Funds will also be provided for the hiring of a vehicle to transport agricultural equipment. This project would help to improve our capacity and expand our activities in future.

Kabor Project does not have an assigned medical personnel but we have established strong bilateral ties with the Chiefdom medical team. Over the years the medical team have provided training support to staff and beneficiaries on health related issues such as HIV/AIDS prevention and control mechanisms, Sexual Reproductive Health and Right issues, Gender Based Violence, Family Planning and Teenage Pregnancy.

Next academic year, the HIV/AIDS Councillor has given his consent to teach health education at Kabor Skills Training Center once every week.


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