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students in bognor celebrate progress with easter holiday activities

Students in Bognor took part in a celebratory activity during the second week of the Easter holidays.

Staff and students met for coffee and reflected on the term, with students discussing their progress. Prior to joining asphaleia, one student struggled to leave the house, and now attends every week and is participating in social activities.

Another student has passed level 1 exams, gained a full-time job and passed their driving test. After reflecting, students went to crazy golf on the seafront and tried their hand at beating their tutors! Some were successful!

The sunshine reflected the mood in celebrating a solid term of learning at our Bognor centre. We still have spaces available to join our Bognor provision, with the next term filled with off site activities, work place visits, exams, and all young people need to develop and achieve.

At Bognor we deliver Make Trax, OnTrack and Future Focus to 16-24 year-olds living in West Sussex. To find out more about these programmes please click here.


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