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spaces available on our Bognor employability programme

We offer a programme of employability, English, and maths across a Monday and Tuesday only, meaning you have five days a week to dedicate to a job, or a hobby. We can also help you to apply for part-time jobs, building your confidence and employability skills and helping you make progress into the world of work.

As an alternative provision, we offer alternative settings. We understand that for many reasons, you may want to study in a smaller setting. This means that tutors can give each person a more individual learning experience and spend more time getting to know how you learn. What’s more, we have a small team of staff, meaning that you can get to know them well, feeling safe and comfortable in your learning.

Students so far this academic year have enjoyed two weeks of engagement activities, including arts and crafts, games and cards, work experience warm ups and one to one coaching sessions with tutors and project workers to tailor plans for the next academic year.

We focus on progression and achievement at asphaleia and our programmes are centred around what the young person needs.

If you’re looking for a new way of learning that focuses on you as an individual, your future goals and building your confidence, our training provision in Bognor could be for you.

Call us today for an informal chat with Gracie, Celia or Michael about studying in Bognor on 01903 522966, or email and we will be in touch.


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