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safer internet day 2022

Safer Internet Day this year is asking the question: Is the internet all fun and games?

Supporting young people to use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically, and creatively is crucial to supporting them to have fun and safe experiences online. From online bullying, harassment, and catfishing, to viewing materials that may be distressing and unsettling, providing young people with support that they may need to manage the internet correctly through classroom teaching, parental/guardian input, or key work can have a huge impact.

impact of SID 2021

Surveys taken from young people who took part in Safer internet day 2021 showed: 82% said they felt more confident about what to do if they were worried about something online. 85% said they know what to do if they or someone else see misleading or unreliable content online. 63% had a conversation with a parent or carer about online safety. 26% said they spoke to someone about something that had been worrying them online.

Whether you're a parent or professional working with children and young people, making yourself accessible and engaging with them on this topic is important for enabling children and young people to feel they can share concerns with you and ask for support etc.

resources to help

what we're doing at asphaleia

This year, staff will be discussing using the internet safely with young people across our services. We will be sharing information and support options as well as helping young people keep themselves safe online by discussing good practices and ways of helping the internet be a positive and safe place for others as well.

Students in our further education programme had a lesson recently where they discussed online safety and then made posters giving some great tips and advice to others about how to stay safe online.


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