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pride month 2024 at asphaleia

Pride Month is in full swing at asphaleia as we celebrate the unique things that make us who we are and promote equal rights for all. We support and embrace members of the LBGTQIA+ community at asphaleia and do everything we can to make sure that everyone feels welcome.  

Throughout the month, our students will be engaging with the history of Pride Month, both on a global scale and specifically in the UK. It is important that we address the history of LGBTQIA+ rights and past and present discrimination to understand why Pride Month is necessary.  

Some of our young people will have never experienced Pride Month before, therefore, it is imperative that they are given the opportunity to learn and ask questions in a safe space. Our goal is to educate and encourage respectfulness toward everyone. 

Pride Month display board

Our Pride Month display in the asphaleia training centre was designed to educate, inspire, and celebrate the past and present members of the LGBTQIA+ community who fought, and continue to fight, for their right to exist and be themselves.  


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