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IV's in east sussex support children & young people with skills development

On their first Royal visit this year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met with care leavers and something they noted in their conversation was how it impacts children and young people's (CYP) future relationships if they are moved around a lot and are unable to sustain long-term relationships in their youth. IV's can uniquely provide that long-term friendship as an independent adult volunteer. Our IV's build relationships with their CYP by taking them out on monthly visits. Here are a few of the visits CYP have enjoyed with their IV's in recent months: · Visit to farm shop for cake and farm to see piglets · Visit to plant nursery and local town, Battle · Urban jump trampolines in Heathfield · Played football in the park · Walk around Cuckmere Haven

impacting cyp's skills development We ask IV’s to plan activities to help children enjoy new experiences and develop new skills. After each visit IV’s record an activity record sheet highlighting highs/lows of the activity and commenting on specific themes. One of the themes is ‘Develop self-confidence’. Here are some recent IV reflections of their child’s experience on activities; - I hope that she noticed how I acted with the people in the shops (thanked them when left, etc) which may have given her confidence to do the same. I encouraged her reading, as always. She ‘led the way’ as we explored the gardens in the plant nursery, and also discovered a ‘top floor’ in a shop that I hadn’t noticed, so I told her she was observant, well done for spotting that, etc. - I encouraged M to thank the people we met (waitress, lady who let her pat dog, etc.) which she did very nicely. She chose the cake herself and spoke to the waitress nicely. - She talked a little bit to Jo the farmer, although not quite as much as I would have thought, and we also met a fun American (female) farmer who is also an author, and I told her that A likes reading so they had a little chat about A’s latest book. - Continued confidence growth noted each time I meet him; engaging with other boys when playing football. - We talked about the opportunity he has to go to [a school] in September. He has looked around the school and will let them know when he has his final decision. He spoke very positively about going there and boarding 5 days a week and going back to his foster carers at weekend.

If you would like to find out more about this service, or refer a CYP to have an IV, please visit our dedicated web page here.


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