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it's Ramadan 2024

Over the years, asphaleia has been privileged to work with young people and staff who are from diverse backgrounds and who practice different religions. This month is a special time in the Muslim calendar as our Muslim young people, colleagues, and friends observe Ramadan.

Ramadan involves fasting during daylight hours as well as increasing devotional acts such as prayer, giving to charity, and spending time with family and friends. It started on Sunday 10th March and ends 9th April.

The date varies each year because the Islamic calendar is lunar. So each month starts with a new astronomical moon and Ramadan begins with the first sighting of the crescent moon in the ninth month of the Islamic year. The date this falls changes each year because lunar months are shorter than solar months.

Muslims are advised to check sunrise and sunset times with their local mosque so that they don't accidentally break their fast at the wrong time.

A graphic that says Ramadan Mubarak with a quote from a young person explaining how it is an important tradition for them that they are pleased to be able to observe in the UK

In order to support young people with the part of our Young People’s Pledge, celebrating YOUR DIFFERENCES, staff will be supporting Muslim young people in our services with their observance of Ramadan and also sharing about Ramadan with any non-Muslim young people to help foster an inclusive and supportive environment in our properties and our training centre.

useful resources

The first two resources are helpful if you are a young person or work with young people. There is also an article from Business Insider that informs professionals about how to support their Muslim colleagues during Ramadan. - includes information videos geared towards children and young people – an article about how to support Muslim colleagues who are fasting.

We wish all who are celebrating a blessed month!


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